There are a lot of complicated terms to describe what we do.

In short, we want our work to be worth more than its dollar value.

We do this by partnering with clients to generate health, environmental, cultural, economic and social profit.

Collectively we bring over 40 years experience in advertising, design, digital and marketing.

It’s not hippie talk. We just can’t think of a better reason to be in business.

At General Public the strategy and idea drive the channel.

Once we have the two, we use the same stuff people use in their everyday lives to bring it to life. Sometimes it may not even be a typical marketing solution, but something broader or more intrinsic to the issue.

Whether it’s a brand, a social issue or a music festival, it has meaning to someone.

Finding that meaning through good, solid research is an exciting, involving discovery. And, when we find it, it initiates our thinking going forward. We build this meaning into everything we do.

It’s undeniable. It’s proven. Be it in advertising, art, politics or even music, the impact of an idea is truly related to the way it is expressed. This is creativity.

Creativity is how we deliver meaning.

Our partners are experts in their respective fields; from strategic planners, creative teams, traditional and digital researchers to developers, designers, project managers and others. As each project and client is unique, we are able to draw on a number of diverse talents to bring relevant, efficient and inspiring value to the projects at hand.

Cliff Thompson   Bio »
President & Creative Director

Originally from South Africa, Cliff has been in the advertising industry for over 18 years and has worked in South Africa, Singapore and Canada. He works with commercial and non-commercial clients, with a particular focus on social marketing. He has worked for national and multi-national advertising agencies. As Deputy Creative Director he was appointed to the management team of JWT Johannesburg, was Associate Creative Director at Extreme Group and Managing Partner/Creative Director at Colour Canada. Cliff has been involved in developing creative work and marketing and advertising strategies for a number of global brands and companies. His commercial client roster includes Unilever, Kelloggs, Nestle, Nike, Diageo, Discovery Channel, ALC, Moosehead Breweries, Powerade, Tums, Country Style and many others. He has also worked with a broad range of non-commercial clients; from NGO’s, charities and government departments to community groups and associations. Much of his work has been in the social marketing realm, focusing on attitude and behaviour change. This work has ranged from education, health, sport and social issues to economic development, culture and the arts. Cliff brings a breadth of national and international advertising experience, strategic and creative insight, as well as a broad understanding and knowledge of working with both government and non-government organizations. He has also garnered a number of industry awards and accolades for clients and organizations in South Africa, Canada and America. The United Nations Environment Program Creative Gallery on Sustainability has also featured some of his work as well as has receiving interest from NASA on his campaigns. Creatively, Cliff’s work has been recognized both internationally and nationally at Cannes, Marketing Awards, New York Festivals, Bessies, Ice Awards and London International Advertising Awards. His work has also been featured in respected industry publications. A graduate of the Boston House School of Advertising; he also holds a Diploma in Industrial Relations from Damelin where he graduated with Distinction and a Certificate in Mediation & Negotiation. Cliff is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology and International Relations.

Strategic Planning Partner
Larry MacEachern »

Account Manager
Jamie Hammond

Design / Interactive Design Partner
Matt Cyr

Digital Partner
Media Mechanics

Colleen Thompson
Co Founder / Business Development

WCB of Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia Tourism

IWK Health Center Foundation

Heart & Stroke Foundation

Doctors Nova Scotia

Canadian Cancer Society

Nova Scotia Community College

Drinking & Driving Campaigns

South African Organ Donor Foundation

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Atlantic Film Festival

Dalhousie University

Lifeline Crisis Center

Breastfeeding Initiatives

PEI Lung Association

Nova Scotia Dept. of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal

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Colon Cancer Home Screening Initiative

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